Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Busy as a bee!

I got my new set of biz cards the other day.  I always order from Moo because I adore them!  I usually get the mini-moo cards.  But I also have the regular sized ones for my photography biz.  I love the finish they use and the fact that I can upload photos straight from Flickr. :) Makes it all so much easier!

So I'm busily crafting away these days.  Hopefully I'll finish an entire project soon so I can post pics.  In the middle of it all, I'm doing a few photoshoots for Senior Portraits AND trying to work on my Valentine's day gift for the boypiece.  Eek!  It's getting down to the wire!

I've also been going through my entire photography collection and downsizing.  I have a feeling my laptop is going to die on me soon.  So I want to make sure I have the pics I want to keep backed up in a few different spots!

Here's a couple of faves I found during the clean :)

This one is from last year's Tulip Fest in Skagit County

This is my new favorite beach in Oregon - Arcadia Beach

I took this while hiking on Mount Baker

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