Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April Featured Artists II

Part 2 of April's featured artists series. The theme is "Spring" :)

1.  Whimsical Butterfly Clips by PiccadillyClips
2.  Crochet Pattern Spring Bloom hat by InnerHooker
3.  Black Crystal Rosebud Necklace by LarqueByjason
4.  Spring Willow Charm by humblebeads
5.  Tiny Woodland Terrarium Robin's Nest Necklace by WoodlandBelle

#2 pick is great based on the shop name alone! I love how the mini terrariums are really popular now. There are a bunch of great ones on her page...even in ring form!  Hope you enjoy my pics!  Let me know if you're an Etsy artist who'd like to be featured on future blogs.

~ Tsuki

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