Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Featured Artists ~ SPRING!

This month's featured artist theme is SPRING. Hoping for more sunny days and less of these rainy ones! All featured items are made by Etsy artists and the description includes a link to their shop. Click each one and take a look at the rest they have to offer!

As always, if you're an Etsy seller who would like to be featured, post a link or email me and let me know which item you want added.

1. Beaded Bookmark "Dragonfly's Kiss" by Guilliauna
2. Polka Dot Spring Flower Card by LeftandRightCreate
3. 6-12 month Slouchy Hat w/flower by ATurnerDesigns (note the cutie in the pic and her "tattoos")
4. Vintage Flower Print Tunic by modernshadesofgrey


1 comment:

  1. Great post & choices for Spring :-)

    I ♥ them all (even the antique looking mirror brush vanity set I spied in the last pic)


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