Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Featured Etsy Artists - Part III

My toe surgery has delayed my posting, I apologize! But now I'm on the mend and ready to share more Spring favorites by Etsy artists.  This time, I'm also adding to the theme...these are all Alice in Wonderland-related.  They're spring-y and the story is popular again thanks to the Burton flick!  Enjoy!

1. Rowan Tree by krisblues
2. Custom Glittered Croquet Set by mintagehome
3. Teacup Ring by bionicunicorn
4. Pink Flamingo Decal by HollyvisionArt
5. Cheshire Cat wall clock by MantaWave



  1. ooo i like the bun buns, and (obvi) the teacup ring.
    we used to play croquet as kids, with a 100 yr old set some relative made. it was awesome!

    nice collection!

  2. Neat blog of yours!!! I really appreciate the exposure. & good luck with that toe!

  3. @ Manta - thanks so much! I absolutely LOVE your clocks!

    @ Kelli - my stepparents always have croquet tourneys during the summer at BBQs. I don't know that the boys would like to play with glittered mallets, but it'd be pretty funny to watch!

  4. Hey, These are lovely. I always have fun seeing my work grouped into a specific theme. Wishing you a great spring and happy Earth Day!


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