Monday, May 10, 2010

I Currently Despise Mondays

I'm so bummed! Majorly disappointed! I am the last person you'd find running red lights, speeding through turns or cutting people off. I am a courteous, law-abiding driver. Or at least I was...until this morning!

G stayed over last night but had his car. So this morning, we couldn't take the carpool lane together. And when we came up to the freeway on ramp, I noticed the back up. It was slammed. I haven't seen it like that for several months! I just knew I wouldn't make it to work on time, and he wouldn't make it to his dentist appointment.

So I waved him over and we pulled off up the street. I quickly checked my iPhone maps for some backroads to use. I didn't know where we were going, cuz I'd never taken the route. However, it looked like we could take backroads all the way to my work, then he could quickly get home from there.

Twenty-five minutes later, we seemed to be making great time! As I came on to the last fork in the road, I started wondering how much further we had left. Then, up ahead, I noticed a big intersection. I leaned forward to see if I could make out the street and see if that was where we were supposed to turn. There were a lot of cars ahead and I didn't want to jump over at the last second if it was the wrong road. Then, all of a sudden, there was a flash of light! It was so bright! A few consecutive bursts of white lightning. I looked ahead and all around trying to figure out what had just happened.

Then I realized how much I had slowed when it happened. I saw the school crossing. And in that moment I started*t! sh*t! sh*t! I had just sped through a school zone and got caught on a speed camera. That flash was my lovely photographic proof. Probably showing me driving granny-style, leaning over the steering wheel, trying to see the upcoming street sign.

So disappointing. Such a bummer. And I certainly don't mind paying the fine. I was obviously breaking the law and not paying attention to my speed. Sure, school was already in session and no kids were around, but I was still at fault. I just really don't want it to affect my insurance rates. Not only that...I didn't want a speeding ticket!

So lame. And so, I hate Mondays. And school zones. And speed cameras. And heavy traffic on my commute. Thanks for the directions, iPhone. But I wish you could've warned me about that! :p

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