Thursday, May 27, 2010

Newbie Crafts ~ Needle Felting

I've loved working with felt for years now. And with this latest craze of needle-felting, I've decided to expand that love (as if it were possible). So I got myself a little kit to see if I could teach myself how to make cute little needle-felted goodies.
I didn't do too bad for my first time. Only 6 pin pricks in an hour and no gushing blood! I made a tiny heart as my first go at it. I was watching the American Idol finale at the same time, so that may have contributed to the pin pricks.

It's still messy and unfinished because I had to go to bed (boo, work!). But I'm happy with the start of it. And I really think it could be something I easily become addicted to! I especially love all the gorgeous colors of wool that there is out there! Can't wait to get a stash of rainbow!!

What do you think? Have you tried (or wanted to try) needle-felting yet? I can't wait to start making little critters. I'm just hoping my dog doesn't think they're all for her! She gets a bit selfish when it comes to anything plushy!


  1. oooh, i like your step-by-step photos. i've never done it, but it gives me an idea of the process.

    also, that last photo looks like a heart & arrow. :P

  2. hmmm, I'm thinking I don't like the idea of needle pricks - probably not the right alt craft for me. but I love what you've done with it:)

  3. haha well I should have a disclaimer: I'm naturally clumsy, so the needle pricks just might be my issue ;) Plus if you watch what you're working on (instead of the tv like i was) it's probably less likely to happen :)


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