Tuesday, June 1, 2010

3 Little Things

I snagged this little feature from { bug miscellany } who snagged it from someone else, etc...
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3 names I go by (special nicknames)
1. sasa                                                  2. buby                                  3. b*tchface 
                                                                                                                         (aren't friends grand?!)
3 jobs I have had
1. courtesy clerk                             2. fry girl                                     3. snorkel shack attendant 

3 places I have lived
   1. Haines, Alaska                         2. Maui, Hawai'i                    3. Snohomish, WA  
                                                                                                                (exotic, isn't  it?)

3 fave drinks
1. water                                       2. unsweetened iced tea                  3. my morning coffee

3 tv shows I watch
1. the office                               2. 30 rock                                        3. frasier (in reruns)

3 places I have been
1. las vegas, nv                         2. san francisco, ca                            3. whistler, b.c.

3 places I'd like to visit
1. italy                                      2. spain                                            3. utah

3 fave retro tv shows
1. ozzie & harriet                2. the carol burnett show               3. knight rider (duh)

3 fave dishes
1. coconut chicken curry                2. meatloaf & mash                               3. spaghetti 
                                                                    (comfort food)                   (i could literally eat it every  
                                                                                                                               day of the week)
3 things I'm looking forward to
1. my bday                                   2. craft show season                   3. my toe to be fully healed!!!
      (july 2nd for those keeping track)


  1. i HOPE SOOOO! it seems like the better it looks, the worse it feels! and I'm kinda thinking there's permanent nerve damage. But 3 more weeks till my next check up...so I'm gonna try to stay positive!

  2. i LOVE these posts - i love getting to know my lovies more and more!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  3. i've heard that you can really screw up your toe-nerves easily, but here's a story that should bring a little hope:

    i had a friend in italy, who decided to wear wedge platform shoes to a very crowded disco. needless to say, her toes got smashed good, and she lost feeling entirely in her second toe.
    ONE YEAR LATER, in yoga class, she said she felt a tingly feeling, and then all of the sudden, she could feel her toe again! she was so shocked she fell out of whatever goofy position she was in.

    so....anything is possible!

  4. that's good to hear! I'm kinda hoping for the opposite. My issue is that half of it has no feeling and the other half is hyper-sensitive and experiencing a lot of pain with any slight contact! So I'm hoping that high pain side will soon dull down. He says it's cuz the nerves were exposed and stuff, but I'm just hoping that pain isn't permanent!

    kinda like my jaw...2 months since I had the crown and I still can't open my mouth without pain :( but i guess that means i can't whine out loud :p

  5. I like this post. And you have a picture of San Francisco (I live there now)!


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