Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And They Call It ...Puppy Looooooove

This may not seem like an odd photo to most people. But to truly understand its rareness, you have to understand a little about Greg.

We met four years ago at a mutual friend's birthday party. We didn't become fast friends and we didn't stay in touch. We met again at that same friend's wedding party...10 months later. We hit it off instantly and began our casual dating relationship. A few months later, we became exclusive.

Greg is a bit of a rare gem. He shunned his Silver Spoon lifestyle in Spain to come to the US and work hard for a living. I'm sure most folks back home consider what he does for a living (general contractor) to basically be "hired help" and low-class. He isn't a banker and doesn't have a million dollars saved or invested. Of course, I suppose that's natural when you come from a very successful family, they naturally expect more out of you.
He lets his hair grow out and doesn't shave his scruff. You'll even find him wearing the same clothes two days in a row and it's the same clothes he's worn for years. He's not a big spender and prefers to save when he can. He's much more content with the simple things in life than the finer things.

He also never had a pet. Well, scratch that, he had pet snails. In his household, pets were thought of as messy and unimportant. If friends had dogs, they were outdoor animals. No cuddling, baby-talk or special attention for the four-legged variety.

So when I met him and he heard I had dogs, he groaned. He said he didn't usually date women with pets, especially dogs, because they needed to be walked and interrupted dates. But then he met my mom's dog, Ui. She's 20 pounds of chunky lovin'. He met my dog first because, at the time, I wasn't living with my family. My dog, Katie, is 85 pounds of in-your-face panting and licking. She's a lovable oaf who craves attention. Her personality is lab but the chow chow in her gives her a squared head and a stocky stature. She looks tough but she's not. To Greg, though, she looked like she could eat his face off for staring at her wrong.

But she didn't. Still, he wasn't quite comfortable around her and didn't yet realize she just wanted some love and affection...and maybe a treat. So when he met Ui, he still thought dogs mostly bit and were agressive for no reason. But her big doe eyes and sweet smile quickly won him over. Now, he comes by just to see her (he says he's there to see me, but she gets the first 'hello'!) and he talks in a high-pitched, excited voice. He'll chase her around the living room (or let her chase him) and they'll cuddle on the couch for hours!

He is no longer a dog-hater. He's now comfortable around other dogs, still not at first, but it's a huge improvment. Still, he wouldn't want his own pet. But he's happy to have such a cutie to visit whenever he wants!

So it's a happy ending for all! Except those poor snails of his, which I'm sure his mom tossed out with the trash...


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