Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Are YOU A Twihard?!?

Or do you know someone who is? I swear I must be the only person who never jumped on the vampire bandwagon. I'm sure it's a good book series (like all the Twihards keep insisting) it's just not my style. I guess I've never been into fantasy writing and make-believe. Goblins, princesses, dragon slayers, vampire slayers or anything Gothic. Sure, I wore black in high school, but it wasn't to make a statement. I just wasn't interested in color.

So it's kinda hard for me to be the only person in my office NOT obsessing over the Twilight films. Did you see the Xmas gifts I made for my co-workers last year? I'm telling you, I'm not exaggerating when I say...OBSESSED.

But I'm also not saying it's a bad thing. I'm sure it's fun to have an entire community of fans who share your love of all things Jacob or Edward. (oh man!) And so for those who are eagerly anticipating tonight's midnight premier...and to those (like my own boss) who got a sneak peek showing yesterday...this post is for you! I'm filling it with all things dark and broody...and bloody!

So enjoy this Twihard-inspired post. Because it's probably the only one I'll ever make! haha!

3. Happy Eclipse Day - Team Jacob by evincedesign
4. Vampire Heart African Bloodstone Necklace by jessb01
5. Vampire Monkeye Bloody Tim by 12punt3
6. Vampire Fang no.2  by grigio
7. Twilight Saga Team Edward Cullen Mini Metal Bookmarks by kittyred
8. Vampire Picnic Zipper Pouch by kukubee


  1. i love that monkey with a crazed look in his eye!

    whatsamatter SOOKIE? :P

  2. I like the Team Jacob (#3) thing. That's cute! :)

    I like Twilight, but I refuse to ever call myself a Twihard. It's just one of the dumbest sounding words ever, ya know?

    I did win tickets to the movie tonight on the radio, though, so I'll be there with my Raisinets!

  3. lol yeah I was "sookie" before the characters ever existed :p

    twihard is a pretty harsh name. its like the old NKOTB fans being called "blockheads" is that flattering? :p

    have fun at the movie!


  4. Pretty much need an Edward stuffed doll so i can snuggle with him at night...Al wont mind right?

  5. oh sure, what guy would mind a miniature dude doll sharing the bed?

    kelli pointed out this lovely one...a doll with pecs and abs!


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