Monday, June 7, 2010

Feeling the love ~ Giving the Happy!

Last week, { bug miscellany } gave me with this lovely Happy 101 award! So in the spirit of this gift, I am posting ten things that make me happy. :)

#1 My man -- he just always makes me smile. Maybe it's the British accent. Maybe it's when he speaks fluent Spanish. Or maybe it's just the way he treats me so well! 3 1/2 years and still going strong. I can't wait for all the adventures that lie ahead.

#2 My mutts -- my big baby, Katie. She'll be 11 this year!  And my mom's baby, Ui. She's a spoiled brat, but you can't help but love her!

 #3 My Photography -- Whether it's film, digital or my iPhone, I'm so glad I have an outlet for my creativity. Even if I never turned it into something I could make money off, I love photography. It's a great hobby and a perfect reason to get out and explore.

#4 My Home -- I absolutely love Washington State. It's beauty and diversity is what made me move back after living in Hawai'i for a couple of years. It seemed crazy to most ("why would you LEAVE Hawaii?!") but it made sense to me. Washington is so beautiful! And you can travel 30 minutes in either direction to find a completely different pace or viewpoint. The mountains, the ocean, rivers, lakes and wide-open country make it irresistible to someone like myself. It also provides endless photo opportunities!

#5 My Garden -- It took a long time to get it to the point it is now. And it certainly needs a lot more work. I can't wait for the sunnier days so I can get out and work in the yard. I find it very therapeutic to work in the garden. Pruning and pulling weeds can be a chore to most, but it's very relaxing. And I revel in the beauty that thrives and survives the winter months.

#6 Crafting -- Besides my photography, my other creative outlet is crafting. I absolutely love making things. Whether it's something as simple as a decoupaged box or a more intricate sculpture, crafting brings me a lot of peace and joy. Sure, after a while, my hands and shoulders may get sore. But it's worth every ounce of pain! :)

#7 Giving Back -- Ever since I was a kid, I felt this incredible empathy towards people/animals who were less fortunate than me. My first charity was a small donation to the World Wildlife Fund when I was 10. It was a few weeks worth of allowance, so not much at all. But I just wanted to do something good. Since then, I've organized food drives, a benefit concert, donated my time and money to charities supporting cancer research, aids and animal welfare. It's something I would continue to do and even did when I was out of work. I was happy to find that I could use my photography to even in the smallest way, I could continue to give back.

#8 Rainy Days -- Not much to say. I just love them! We went to the beach yesterday while it was raining. Had the whole beach to ourselves! We threw rocks, sat on lumpy logs and enjoyed the fresh air. I also snapped this pic of the cars on the the rain :)

#9 Great Food -- I'm not a cook. Luckily, my man IS! He's a great cook! And I love eating the dishes he makes for us. I'm so lucky that he's so passionate about cooking. Although my waistline would disagree!

#10 Color -- I was so different in high school. I had my whole "black" phase where I just refused to wear anything colorful. Perhaps I was rebelling against my sister's squeaky-clean, preppy image. I wanted to be different. I loved my rap music and my black adidas sneakers. Black jeans, black jacket, plain old dark tshirt. Now, if you were to look in my closet, you'd have a hard time finding anything black!

I hope you enjoyed my "happy" list! Thanks for reading! I am also passing this award on to 10 bloggers whose blogs make me happy. So to accept your award, pass it on and post your top ten things! Congrats!


  1. yay! love your list. good thing you loooove rainy days! ha ha ha. :P

  2. haha right? I sure have plenty of them to enjoy! :p

  3. I love your list. The picture of the train is fabulous!

    Cheers :-)
    - CoconutPalmDesigns

  4. Such a fabulous list! I agree with everything on your list and love the photos you added with them. I'm enjoying a good, ole thunderstorm-filled raining morning right now. Just wish I didn't have to go to work. :)

    Really appreciate the award! So thoughtful of you to include me and I'm glad I can make you smile just a bit more. :)

    Hope you have a lovely day!


  5. Thank you!

    And you're welcome, Bonnie. You deserve it!

  6. How funny, I had my black phase too and now I love colors!! Guess everyone went thru a phase like that?

  7. hehe beautiful Katie cute puppy . I love rainy days too :D
    Visit my pinterest Ariana Jefferson


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