Friday, June 4, 2010

Heads will roll!

My new favorite craft is "faux taxidermy" :) I know it's a craze lately, so I shouldn't be such a follower. But sitting in my step-parent's (I'll explain that one day) living room, with all the dead animals on the wall, it's hard not to think about making it in miniature! They have bear skin, wolf, a giant moose head and a mountain goat; among other things.

Also, when I lived in Alaska, my grandparents and extended family members would hunt bears. I would never eat the meat, but they certainly had a lot of bear pelts on the walls. I also have a photo of my sister and I each holding a foot after it was freshly skinned.  Sort of sickening to think of now! And I'm certainly not one who wants to go out and hunt for food or sport.  So faux taxidermy is just fine by me!

A few weeks ago, I made a deer head out of polymer clay. My idea was to make mini-taxidermy fridge magnets. But the polymer, once baked, seemed too heavy at that angle. So last night, while I was at the Black Door Studio craft night, I used some Crayola Model Magic to make a bunch of tiny heads. If I can get them lightweight, they could be brooches. :)

I made a couple of elephants, some bears, platypus...even a unicorn! The only issue I have with the model magic is that I have to paint it. I'm not sure how smooth it will look once that's done. But it's a fun experiment in the meantime. I'll post pics once I figure it all out! :)


  1. It is soooooooo cute and pretty...Please post the other photos..I cant wait to see them:)
    Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!!!

  2. So cute! I also love that no animals were injured with your taxidermy! LOL!

  3. haha thanks! My newest ones probably wont be finished for a couple more weeks since I'm busy organizing the big Etsy event. But I'll definitely post pics!

  4. cute! gonna do a fox, or is that too morbid? :P

  5. haha not morbid at all! I haven't perfected my design for a fox just yet. He's the most important as I plan to incorporate him throughout my other products eventually....shhhh, top secret :)

  6. I was just thinking -- Cute and Morbid -- but I see you've already covered that. I guess it's unanimous!


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