Friday, July 30, 2010

{Free Range Friday} The Good Stuff!

TGI-muthafricken-F! It's about time!

Hope your Friday is treating you well! I got a couple of lovely surprises today. The first was a notice that my S'more charm was featured in this fine treasury!

The second was that my Blueberry Cheesecake charm was featured in this gift guide to celebrate National Cheesecake Day (did you get your 1/2 off from Cheesecake Factory, yet?!)

So sweet!

Here are a few things I'm loving this Friday, July 30th...

Despicable Me -  I saw this movie last night (first time I'd been to the theatre in over a year!) and I absolutely adored it. If you're a fan of The Office (USA version), you'll see what a great job they did at capturing Steve Carell's facial expressions. It's a must-see!

This card by Stacey Winters. I love her photos! Plus, she turns them into scrabble pendants and notecards like I do (only hers are super cute and bright!); so I have an extra appreciation for her style.

Jamba Juice Smoothie Packs for your freezer! We got a couple bags from Costco and they are delicious. Also, they're super easy to make! Just toss in a blender and add a cup of apple juice! So refreshing :)

Lastly, I'm loving our weather this week. I know a lot of Seattleites would complain that it's too cold for summer. But I think it's absolutely perfect! Just warm enough to not need a jacket, but cool enough to not worry about my deodorant failing. Ahhhh, summer!


  1. YES - loved Despicable Me ;)

    Congrats on the GG & Treasury!!!

    happy friday <3

  2. I wish it was cooler in FL. It is blazing I can't wait for fall! enjoy the weekend!

  3. Yummy, s'mores! Congrats on your features. :)

    I saw that squirrel in a mug photo a couple of days ago too! I was a little disappointed though, because it thought it was a real mug. ;) How cute would that be!


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