Friday, July 2, 2010

{ Free Range Friday } Link Love

Hello. This is the future speaking. While you're reading this post, I'm off on Orcas Island; celebrating my birthday. No internet. No cell phones. Just the water, nature, some good people and a whole lot of relaxation! So allow me to introduce my newest "segment" on my blog ~ Today is Free-Range Friday! Basiscally, all my "Free-Range Friday" posts will feature a hodge-podge of info. Today's post is link-love. Check out all my favorite links I've been following, lately!

Saw this amazing project on Design*Sponge this week.

I like adding my embroidery artwork to hoops. It reminds me of when I was 4, sewing in the summer cabin with my stepmom. But these are great time savers and so fun!

Don't these rice krispie popsicles look delicious?!?
Get the simple recipie over on Twig & Thistle

What a great idea for the 4th of July...or better yet,
my birthday on the 2nd! ;)

This amazing find by Ink + Wit showcases the earth and sand art of Jim Denevan. Pretty incredible stuff and on such a large scale! Check their link for more photos.

Stop motion photography has made a comeback thanks to music videos and tv commercials. One of my current faves is this video by Oren Lavie for "Her Morning Elegance". It was especially interesting watching it on mute while "Blister in the Sun" played on my radio... ;)

"Ned Wingfield" just might be crazy. But his email archive is a fun little time waster. Read his blog to hear more about his quest for craziness via Craigslist emails. What a nut!


  1. Wow, cool stuff! LOVE "Her Morning Elegance"!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. i completely LOVE that song!

    as i also love this new feature. it's cute and funny. sounds like someone i know....happy birthdaaaaaaay!

  3. Glad you guys like it! :) Hope to have more fun stuff to post later this week


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