Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Really Need To Get My Act Together!

My mind has been focusing on the negative a lot lately. My past few craft shows have been rather unsuccessful.  Instead of focusing on shows in areas that my crafts might have a more positive appeal, I'm getting down on myself for not being good enough. That's just a bad space to be in! I know not everyone is going to love my stuff. But it's definitely not a good feeling to put yourself out there and not get a great response. I suppose that happens with any "artist". But it's still a crappy feeling.

My 9-5 job has also been outrageously busy. I suppose that's something I shouldn't complain about since we're coming off a year of being incredibly slow. At least I have a paycheck every two weeks! But it's so busy that it's been stressing me out; wondering if I've missed deadlines or forgotten important paperwork. And I'm not the kind of person who likes to take my work home with me...I like to be able to shut it off at 5pm. Lately, it's been in my dreams (read: nightmares) and it's getting on my nerves.

The good thing is, I have a vacation coming up in a few weeks. But in the meantime, I'm trying to find ways to relax and not think about everything so much. I know I want to streamline my products and not offer so many different things. That might help me get a better handle on it all. But it's hard to get started when I come home from a long, busy day only to see my mess of a craft space. It's like Joanns and Michaels got into a pissing match and left the mess for me to clean up. Ugh.
I'm sure a lot of it also has to do with the wedding I'd spent weeks stressing about. A friend of my mom's asked me to photograph her son's wedding and, after much debate, I finally gave in and said yes. Monday was the wedding. I'm really not happy with how it all came out, but that's just another thing I'll have to deal with.

At least the weather is good? I think my biggest problem is I've always been a procrastinator. That gym membership I bought a few years's been collecting dust since December. I keep saying "this morning, I'll go"..."okay, tomorrow after work".... and then I never make it out the door. I need a drill sergeant to come in and yell at me until I get things done. Any volunteers?

What are you struggling to accomplish these days? And how do you keep yourself in check?


  1. :( your amazing, its hard putting yourself out there. just remember to have fun no matter what the outcome. thats what really matters anyway right? i hate dreaming about work, thats the worst!
    also i really want to see the wedding pics. is that your first wedding?

  2. Wow, girl! Your life is full to the *top*! You're certainly tackling a ton of things at once, and I can totally relate to the procrastination part. I'm horrible like that! I have found that I am calmer and more productive in a clean work/creative space, though. I guess if it was me, I would start by totally cleaning the craft area so that I at least had one space of sanctuary in my home. After all, creating is supposed to make us happy, right? *hugs*

  3. If you're at all like me (and it sounds like you are!) you probably won't like my suggestion, but I was in the same spot (minus the 9-5 but plenty to make up for it). Write down all of the things that are bugging you. Then write down two solutions for each (one can be do nothing). Then prioritize them. Then knock off one a day/week/month until you're where you want to be! It really does work because it gives you a starting point, and options. You might want to give yourself a little treat for each one you accomplish (a long hot bubble bath, a special dinner out, or that class you've been eyeing at the local college. You have to have rewards or you won't stick with the changes. Hope your "funk" disappears quickly!

  4. Thanks, ladies :) I definitely need to clean up my crafting space. I started a bit last night but it's got a lot left to go. I feel like it's a 3d representation of what's going on in my head these days! Just a jumbled mess!

    I do agree that I need prioritize some things and do a punch list. I hadn't thought about giving myself treats, but that's a nice suggestion! :)

  5. Just try to stay positive! I know it's difficult and frustrating to be at a show and nobody looking at your items, but maybe it was just the wrong show. You have amazing things so just focus on making them better and getting them in front of the right people. Good luck!

  6. word. i'm struggling with everything today. :/

  7. I definitely need to pinpoint the shows that are more my speed, crowd, etc. I also need to remember next year how crazy this summer was. And remind myself to be more picky about the shows I do so I don't get so overwhelmed.

    @ Kelli...I feel ya. I don't want to trade places with you today. That's a crappy place to be :(

  8. I totally understand about being discouraged by craft shows - I didn't do any this year because last was so depressing. I'm trying to get the courage up to approach local shops where my art would fit in better. We'll both find our audiences, don't give up!

    And I'm not a yeller, but if you were in my area, I'd make you come with me to a dance class. That's so much more fun than a gym.


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