Monday, July 19, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

"ooh!" by Greg
Ahh what a long weekend it was. Nice to have had an extra day off on Friday. But it was also quite necessary! With Greg's expert help, I accomplished the following:
  • fixed the washing machine (yay! Clean clothes!)
  • checked and fixed all the sprinklers (yay! Live plants!)
  • fixed the slider door with some new rollers
  • fixed the outdoor faucet
  • cut into the wall to locate carpeneter ants  found black mold, instead (boo! Nasty stuff!)
  • figured out that my bathroom fan is broken  I'll have to fix it tonight :(

Friday was a loooong day!

Saturday, we got a chance to get in a quick 2-hour bike ride. That was really nice and the weather was perfect.  Then we did a quick photoshoot for a kid's birthday party. Also, lots of fun!

Sunday, I met up with Kelli to work the Lake Forest Park Farmer's Market. Originally, Greg had planned to share my booth. But he's up on Orcas Island helping out with that property. It was a miserable day at the market, as far as sales go. I guess good ol' LFP is just not my crowd! But at least I had good company and, eventually, nice weather!

"evil parfait" by Tsuki
Now I'm back at work and trying to catch up on all the stuff that came in on Friday. I think I'm almost there! I've also been having issues with my Frankentoe again :( boo, hiss! So I've scheduled another follow-up appointment with the doc. I'd love to just have the final surgery and get it over with. But that would mean another month of no water on my foot...which would mean no more swimming this summer. I think I'll just deal with the pain till the weather turns back to crap! ;)

Guess I should get some work done around here! Hope all of you are enjoying your Mondays! And special thanks to all my readers! I've just hit 80 followers! Wow! You like me! You reaaaaaaaaaally like me! :p

P.S. the photos in this post are brought to you by mine and Greg's obsession with food/object faces!


  1. love the food faces. i WOULD say "you guys have too much time on your hands," but i know otherwise. i guess ya'll are just plain crazy. :P

    hey, at LEAST we got a LOT of work done!

    ps - what's the dealio with Mr. F.N.Toe?

  2. lol but you see the faces, right? I mean, they're funny, right? :p

    Yes Sunday was a very accomplished day. Just wish it could've been prosperous as well! After factoring in my Starbucks breakfast and the hot dog lunch, I made $7 bucks. Minus the $35 dollar booth fee and, well, that's just lame!

    my FN toe FN hurts! I booked a doc appt but it isn't until August 9th :( so I'll be "dealing with it" for now. We'll see what he says about all of it.

  3. Congrats on hitting 80 followers! I just did recently, so it's a good feeling! :-)


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