Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Point About Packaging

Oh my word! I guess I've been taking some time off from the blogging world. The 9-5 job has just been overwhelmingly busy and my weekends are spent unplugged. But I'm back with a smile and a note about packaging! 

The other day, Kelli from {bug miscellany} made a blog post to show off the cutely wrapped item she'd purchased off Etsy. And I thought it really did seem important to make the buyer's purchasing experience as special as possible. Afterall, we do want them to be repeat customers, right?

So when I received my latest Etsy purchase (I buy more than I sell!), I was again reminded of the importance of the entire experience. I bought a cute little brooch from "ohhellofriend" and was tickled to see the care that went into the pacakging of my item. I immediately wanted to share it with all of you!

Here is the package once I removed the outer mailer (it also included a discount towards my next purchase):

Here is a special note left inside:

And here is the lovely brooch that I purchased. It's a gorgeous mint green!

Unfortunately, it looks like her Etsy shop is temporarily on hold while she takes care of personal things. But I would highly suggest adding her to your favorites to keep an eye out for future items!

What has been your favorite Etsy buying experience so far?


  1. ooooh that is a lovely button! i agree packaging is very important and should make you feel special.

  2. I certainly agree packaging makes or breaks you. I've been trying to jazz up packaging, its only recently become a concern as my etsy shop is band spanking new! Thanks for the post!

  3. sure thing! I recently started including a little thank you note card or post card. that way, I can say thanks, and the buyer can use it for someone else :)


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