Monday, August 30, 2010

6 Degrees of Makin' Bacon!

On Friday, I had an awesome photoshoot with the lovely ladies behind "What Do Bacon Do"! It was so much fun! They had a bunch of little sets and costumes for the bacon. We went all over the park taking different shots. I've sent a few off to them and plan to have the rest finished in a couple of days. You can check out their Etsy page for more.

Here are my faves so far:

Beach Bacon Bingo

Mommy Bacon

Bacon Bride & Groom

Bacon Yoga Class

Whaddya think?

The rest of the weekend, included another photoshoot, an Underground Tour of Seattle and a delicious steak dinner! We also watched the Mel Gibson filme "Edge of Darkness". I liked it a lot, actually. Reminded me of "Taken" with less man-action violence. :)


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