Friday, August 27, 2010

{ Free Range Friday } Memes and Random Bits

Hello! Are you living in a cave? Is your computer/tv/phone broken? If not, then you've probably heard of Alabama's latest hero -- Antoine Dodson!  He's a major hot meme these days thanks to his recent interview on a local tv news show. You see, his sister had an intruder sneak into her bed. When she screamed and fought him off, Antoine rushed in to help. Then he let the intruder know (via local news) not to come back or hide cuz they were gonna find him.

That news clip went viral, then someone turned it into a song -- and a bunch of people (including Dane Cook) then covered the song. Ahhh the interwebz. So much fun.

Here's the song version of the interview (warning, it gets stuck in your head pretty easily!)

My newest internet fave is this site called Catalog Living. It's a funny blog from the eyes of people living in the pages of a catalog. Gary and Elaine & their children have some of the coolest furniture and decor. But they seem to have a bit of a strain on their relationship ;) Heehee Check it out and let me know whatcha think!

This next site is pretty cool to me. Not sure how interesting it'll be for you, though. It's called Visit Every City in Washington State. Bascially, this guy decided he was going to go to every city, every town in my state. He has broken it down into different projects spanning years of travel and documentation. Definitely cool to see all the interesting parts of the state that you might not ever travel to.

And now, time for something a bit depressing. I hate graphic ads because they seem like propaganda. But sometimes I just can't turn away. This week, I watched a video of mixed ads, warnings and re-enacted/made up car accidents. It's all about how distracted driving (not just cell phone use) can really hurt people...even people you wouldn't expect to be affected.

I warn you --it's VERY HARD TO WATCH. So if you're faint of heart, or just don't want to feel sad or see graphic violence, don't click. But if you're like me, you'll want to see it.

Do you have a teen who texts? I've never wanted children (still don't). But a few years ago, my niece, sister, mom and I all got a house together and became roomies. My sis has since moved away to Florida, but my niece wanted to stay to finish out her school year with her friends. So now I have a drama-filled 16 year old. Wheeee! I used to think I was hip and cool, down with the latest trends. But doesn't just saying that tell you I'm not? I'm 36...she's 16. I'm clueless about most of the stuff she's into these days. And if I were to read her text messags, I'd have no idea what she was saying.

This site helps you break it down - babelfish style! Enter the l33t and find out what it means in ENGLISH! Haha! There are all kinds of strange drug/sex/alcohol codes I could never figure out. I guess if you're the snooping type, you'll want to know. Or maybe you just want to know how to be cool in these times.

To end things on a postive note -- I'm heading to the park to do a photoshoot with the What Do Bacon Do people today! The weather is great so it should be a lot of fun! I'll share pics next week! :)

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. ok, i guess i live under a rock. that's the first time i've seen antoine. :P

    the other video. geez. i wonder if this is from a teaching aid for driver's education in germany. it's very expensive and time consuming to get your license there. they have a lot more respect for driving then we do as americans.

    can't wait to see the WWBD photos!


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