Friday, August 13, 2010

Free Range Friday - Week of Awesome

Although it was not a great start for me with doc appointments and my dog's medical issues; the week did have some major pluses.

So here is a list of this week in AWESOME. Check out the stories and links that made this a very interesting news week!

Must kick it off with the pencil tip sculptures of Dalton Ghetti
I mean, really. Does it get any more awesome than this?!
More photos over at Kronikle

Ever seen a little piglet and a kitten play together? Check out the cuteness here!

Of course, by now you all probably know the name Steven Slater. If not, you have definitely heard about his awesome exit from his airline steward job. If you've ever flown on a plane, dealt with rude travellers, drunk people, uncooperative folks and screaming'll probably feel some empathy for Steve. After over 20 years working for the airlines, he'd had enough. He left his job in a huff, full of profanity and a couple of beers in hand. I love his giant grin as he's escorted away by the police. He must be so relieved...and now he's famous. Probably watched the movie "Office Space" one too many times and decided to give a big middle finger to the man (and the passengers aboard). But still, kudos to him. 

Have you ever left a job in a dramatic way?

Are you following Color Me Katie's blog, yet? If not, you missed her great photo post about cats dressed up like royalty. Even on the worst of days, if this doesn't make you smile, you have a heart of stone!

My blog will be quiet over the weekend (I guess it always is). Greg and I are heading back up to Orcas Island to sell our stuff at their big Library Craft Fair. This weekend's weather will be so perfect for Orcas! I'm hoping I'll also be able to stay up late enough to catch the meteor showers. It would be the best viewing spot up there, since there aren't any city lights.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. hahaha i'm still loving the cats in hats. thanks for sending that lifeline my way. :)

    have fun watching the meteor shower (don't get hit by any, k?) and good luck at Orcas!! :D

  2. ah weekend is here! almost. Have fun on my favorite island (ok its the only one i have been to) and good luck!


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