Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Guess What?!?!

Chicken Butt!! :)

Ahh still a bit too busy for a full blog post! I finally finished editing both sets of wedding photos. Although, I haven't had time for watermarks or'll be next week before I can post them!

Tomorrow, after another busy day at work, I have a quickie photoshoot. Then I need to rush home and do all my laundry, sort my crap and get packed for camping this weekend. I'll be staying down at my boypiece's house Thursday night, so there won't be a point in coming back home after work.

Then early Friday morning, it's off to Port Angeles/Sequim for our short-camping vacation weekend. Of course, the weather (which has been incredibly hot lately) will be cooling off and bringing rain just in time for our trip! (Just my luck!) But I'm trying to look on the bright's better hiking weather. Plus I have my canopy so we can still sit outside by the fire, even in the rain :)

I know it's only Wednesday, but what do you have planned for this weekend?


  1. i was JUST telling Panda how it feels like it should be the weekend already. c'mon, week!

    you totes still have fun -- i'd much rather hike in 60 degrees than 90 degrees! altho rain hiking kind of sucks, but you're a lot tougher than me.

    guess who?

    chkn poo.


  2. tough? I'm more like an old lady these days! But I agree, hiking in the rain is better. I can hardly stand to walk on flat ground in the heat -- no way would I do a hike!


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