Monday, August 16, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

...trying to play catch up. We had a great time up on Orcas Island this past weekend. It was a scorcher, but I know Seattle was even hotter! So I'm glad we got out of town!  We got a bit of a late start thanks to a broken down ferry. So, even though we showed up an hour early, we had to wait almost 3 hours to get onboard.  We got in so late Friday night, we couldn't even greet our hosts till morning.  :( But the delay in the ferry line gave me extra time to do some last minute sewing for the show the next day!

We did fairly well at the craft show. Although, not one single person bought a bookmark! And I'd made them especially for the book fair part of the show. I just goes to show you never know what people are going to be looking for when they hit up a craft fair.

We tried to stay up to catch the meteor showers but only saw about 30 minutes worth...which added up to about 7 meteors. Not much, but they were still cool. The biggest I'd ever seen!

I love going to Orcas and being unplugged. Even though it's forced, thanks to the different cell carriers up there (hi, Canada!). It makes it so much more relaxing when I'm not tempted to check my phone every hour to get Facebook updates or emails!

I'm really looking forward to our camping trip this weekend. It was planned so many months ago, it's just great to finally be going! The one negative is that the temps will be dropping severely, by 30 degrees, just in time for the trip. So we'll still go to the beach, but we won't be swimming! Luckily, there are hot springs nearby! :)

I still have some photos to finish editing this week, before I take off. Plus, I have a photoshoot this Wednesday (should be cooler by then). My goal is to be packed and ready by Wednesday night! YIKES!

How was your weekend?


  1. ah bummer you didnt sell any bookmarks. they are super cute...or the one i saw at least. i wanna go camping again! lucky

  2. oooh meteors! i forgot about those!! it was totally unbearably hot here. my house was like an oven. :(


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