Thursday, August 5, 2010

Only 3 left!!! What would YOU do?!

My first camera was a Polaroid when I was 5 years old. I went from that, to a Kodak 110, a Disc camera and several other random brands. I've still got two Polaroids (an old one step and a newer one600). When the news came out that Polaroid was going to discontinue their instant film, I didn't fret. At the time, they said they still had a large amount in process and it would be a year or more before they were completely removed from the shelves.

I remember thinking "in a few months, I'm going to buy up a ton of that so I don't run out!" But, like with everything else, I procrastinated and didn't buy a surplus. I only bought about 10 packs. Now, it's considered so "rare" that people are selling it on Amazon for over $100 per pack! Insane. I will not be spending that kind of money.

And now I'm down to my last three photos. Three more pictures on my Polaroid before it becomes just another prop on my shelf. Boo-freaking-hoo.

So I'm throwing it out there to all of you in Blogger land... How should I use my last three Polaroids? Mind you, there is a deadline. I have to use it up by Saturday. At that time, I'm loaning it out to a friend for her wedding (for use with her own film). But I wanted to use up my last bit of the film.

Let me know what you think it should be. Also, the film is currently in my One600, which is a decent enough camera. The only down side is you can't turn off the flash. But I'm not saying the last 3 will be photographic I suppose flash in the sunlight is not a big deal. :)

What do you think?


  1. ooooo. Tough call. I think you should loan her mine so you don't have to decide so quickly.

  2. hmmmm
    1. a self portrait with you snapping a photo with your beloved polaroid.
    2. something pretty
    3. anything from the last day you have before you give the camera up.

    oh... they do still sell film at the impossible project,
    ,not as expensive as 100 bucks, more like 20 or so... but hopefully they will continue on with the project and it will get cheaper...

    good luck and have fun! it's an adorable little camera!


  3. Thanks for the suggestions, Bonnie! And thanks for the reminder! I keep forgetting about the impossible project. Last time I tried buying the silver shade they were sold out, but I'll definitely mark that site for future splurges! :)


  4. Hi there! This blog is so cute!

    Can you take a picture of a sunset? I love those!
    Something red?
    Cookies... Who doesn't love cookies?
    Something that inspires you...
    You could make a list... writing down everything that pops up in your mind for about a minute or so (no matter how random or silly it is) then throw it into a hat and draw three things... and then take a picture of each thing the best way you can.

  5. Such pressure! I love the idea of a portrait of yourself with the camera. Good luck!

  6. ooh i like the idea of doing a drawing for inspiration :)

  7. Take some pictures of things that inspire you! Then, if you have a little inspiration board by your desk you can put them up there and look at them all the time!
    I, personally, would go outside and do some nature photos because that's what inspires me the most!
    Good luck figuring it out :)
    I have 3 polaroid camera's that's from the 70's so it's even harder to find film for than the 600's!

  8. oooh i didnt know that! i have a polaroid from 10 years ago still sitting in my drawer...thought about getting film so many times. dang!
    You should take a trio of dandelions (i framed that picture)

  9. aww yay@ Panda!

    I wish our flowers hadn't already died. we had some gorgeous lilies in the front yard a few weeks ago. Maybe I'll go to the farmers market stands and see what they have :)

  10. I always love nature photographs, but poloroid film always made action shots memorable. I guess I'm pretty indecisive too. I hope they're great!

    I wished I'd saved some of my film now :p

  11. Those instamatic cameras were lots of fun, too bad they discontinued them. :(
    BTW I have a Blog award waiting for you at my blog, hope you'll come pick it up and display it proudly on your marvelous blog. :)

  12. oh man, the pressure!!!

    i agree with all the folks who suggested a self portrait.

    my other ideas would be:
    a beautiful spot outdoors
    the sky (we've been having crazy gorgeous sunsets)

    happy shootin', pardner.


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