Monday, August 2, 2010

Tsuki Fall Down - Go BOOM!

Happy Monday! Mine started with a bang...or more of a "SPLAT"! I fell down when I stepped into the shower this morning. It did not tickle! But at least I didn't hit my head or my tailbone. Just ended up with a sore toe and a weird skid mark on my arm. How lovely! :)

My weekend was a mixed bag of goodies and baddies! Our home computer network got a nasty virus that attacked all three of our computers. It is a worm that attacked the root system and therefore requires a full system wipe/restore. Such fun! Luckily, I always back up my files! It's just a total pain in the ass! I wish there weren't so many bored losers out there writing these annoying viruses. But I suppose there's always going to be someone causing trouble.

I did accomplish something on my list, though. I finally organized my box of embroidery floss. It had been looking like a rainbow threw up on it (remember this graphic?) but now it's neat and tidy and color coordinated! So nice to have that tiny bit of chaos cleaned up!

I also attended a hoedown with my boypiece. It was a birthday party for one of his clients, so we wanted to go. We just didn't realize it was a hoedown till the last minute. So we donned our western best (i.e. scrounged up us much plaid as we could find!) and put on our dancing shoes. After the initial red-faced embarassment, it was actually a lot of fun.

...So, how was your weekend?


  1. i seriously hope there are more photos of your hootenany. i like your PNW interpretation of "country" --- PLAID! ha ha haha.
    we'll discuss the coincidental nature of this tomorrow. ;)
    glad you didn't hurt yourself. your toe is ok, right? RIGHT?!?

  2. aw man! you mean plaid DOESN'T = country? I'm behind the times, I suppose :p

    I do NOT have pics from the hoedown. However, I do have blackmail video of a certain someone dancing in the round. However, I have promised, with all my pinky toes, that I would not post said video. So you won't be seeing anymore from me!

    Okay is a relative term. My toe is as "okay" as it can possibly be, I suppose. But my arm is starting to bruise quite nicely. Maybe I'll have a lovely pic of that, tomorrow!

  3. oh man. scary fall!
    hah. love the rainbow throw-up. i loath organizing embroidery thread. no fun.
    hootenanny! a hoedown! sounds like fun.

  4. glad you at least had some good to make up for the bad!! so glad you are ok and didn't hurt yourself too badly!! I've been so lax in backing up my photos.... you've definitely kicked my bootie back into gear and I need to go do that ASAP!


  5. It's a shame that it takes the big virus that I've always feared to finally make me get my butt some good anti-virus protection. *sigh*

    and of course, I'm not even sure that the files I backed up are clean...and I also don't know how to find out without risking the newly restored OS. Hmm.

    Plus, I can't seem to find my photoshop install disc. Dang it! haha But it's not the end of the world. And luckily, I'd finished editing all my clients pics and given them their copies. So it's not like I lost any session pics prior to getting them out. Phew!!


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