Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesdays Tidbits

It's so gloomy and wet outside! What happened to all that perfectly pretty sunny & 70 weather we were having? I don't mind the break from the warm so much as I mind the way Seattlites always seem to forget how to drive in the rain. You'd think with it being drizzly 6-9 months out of the year, we'd have the wet commute down pat!

Lucky for me, there are backroads I can sneak onto to miss the 80+ minute gridlock on the freeway. Blech!

So today, I'm keeping my post light and simple (how my commute should be!) by offering up a some pics, links and a game!

Check out my new furry vest for fall! I really feel like a little gray fox, now!!

Oh and I had to share this thrift store find from yesterday. Seriously creepy alien cat basket. I don't know what's most creepy about it -- the fact that it has no ears, it's glass marble eyes, or those giant, realistic whiskers. Grrrrrroooossss!

I also finished editing all the pics from the WhatDoBaconDo shoot from Friday. Here's another favorite. They used some of my clay mini foods in the shot, my pie magnet and a Hostess cake! So fun! They'll be having a huge announcement next week, so stay tuned!

Are any of you on "Words With Friends" on Iphone? If you are, I'd love to play! My user name is TsukiF! I have about 6 different games going now..I'm pretty obsessed with it :)

Okay and now for the game YOU can play. It's from the New York Times. It's a distracted driving simulator. See how well you do with texting and changing lanes! Play it HERE!

Ooh and lastly, I've been added to a few treasuries lately. If you're bored and feel like clicking, they're pretty cute!  Here's the latest:

"Nature Girl" -lovebird brooch
"Everybody Zip Up" -blueberry cheesecake zipper pull
"The Birds and the Bees" -birds nest hair pins
"Doe a Deer A Female Deer" -fawn bookmark
"Drops of Mustard" -lavender sachet
"Menagerie" -fox bookmark
"Too Cool For School" - fawn bookmark


  1. ooh i wish i was wearing my furry today (probably can't get away with it here). also PLEASE NEVER SHOW THAT CAT BASKET TO ME AGAIN. thank you. it terrifies me down to my toes. that evil smile....ugh. you didn't buy it did you?

  2. Cat basket is a hoot....hot as hades here.

  3. that game sucks! i can text and drive just fine ;) i dont of course.


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