Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Acorn Tutorial + Giveaway!

First of all --  

Thank you for reading, commenting and following my blog! Yesterday, I passed 100 followers and it feels great! So I wanted to celebrate YOU by sharing this tutorial {my first one!} and by offering up my first GIVEAWAY! :)

So here it is...The Felted Acorn tutorial:

What you'll need:
  • wool roving
  • felting needle
  • foam
  • acorn caps
  • glue gun
  • twine/string 
  • drill or dremel tool

1} Pull off some wool roving to get started. Make sure you pull it apart {like cotton candy} and don't cut it!

2} Start at one end and roll
your wool into a ball.

3} Place your ball onto your foam square and start working it with the needle. 

4} Poke the needle through; be careful not to stab yourself! You can work quickly once you get it down. Just keep poking and turning as the ball gets tighter. 

{sorry for the video quality...hard to film with my phone & stab a sharp needle near my fingers at the same time!}


5} Once your ball is formed and as stiff as you want, it's time to get it into the cap. If you want this to be an ornament, instead of just decorative pieces, grab your drill and make a couple tiny holes to run your twine/string through.

6} Grab your hot glue gun and add a few drops inside your acorn cap. Press your felt ball inside and let it dry.

7} Step back and admire
your crafty goodness!!

And now -- it's time for the giveaway!  I'm going to give one lucky reader this little collection of supplies so you can make your own felted acorns! You'll get three colors of wool roving, a small foam square, one felting needle, and a handful of acorn caps! Pretty nifty, huh?!

 {the booty}

{the rules}

...Follow + Comment...

Really. It's just that easy!
If you already follow my blog...just leave me a comment below that you want to be entered. 
If you don't follow me yet...hop to it! Then leave me a comment below...easy-peasey, right?

I will draw the winner next Wednesday the 29th. 

{Good luck!}


  1. I got all excited about the tutorial...i've seen some cool needle felted things lately but had no idea how it worked. this is awesome, thanks for the videos.

    my husband would be very happy if i won, because i think he's a little tired of trips to craft warehouse to buy supplies for a whole new project :)

  2. um i am really excited about this felting thing!!! it looks so freaking easy (and scary) i dont think i can wait till next week to see if i won...must go tonight! i think they will be a perfect addition to my flowers. :) oh but please enter me anyway ;)

  3. I've wanted to try it too! I think you should do the workshop at the studio :)

  4. OOh Julia I'd love to do a felting class! I still wanna do poly clay..finally figured out your oven! i'm gonna try to swing by this friday for open craft :)

  5. Wow...I love this tutorial...I am so excited now...Fingers crossed:)

  6. ooooh! count me in! i've always wanted to learn how to do this!!!

    congraaaaaaaaaaats! <3

  7. those acorns are super cute. What a neat idea!

  8. These are adorable - a wonderful tutorial!

  9. this is so very wonderful! thanks for doing this. :D

  10. very neat! thanks for sharing!

  11. I always wondered how people made those adorable acorns! Thanks for the made it look so easy!

  12. Very cute acorns. I am now following also

  13. I love this acrons. I love u dude.

  14. just found your blog in my search for cloth acorn tutorials. even though this post is 2 years old, I just wanted to comment and say what a great idea this is. these are so cute :)

    1. thank you! And thanks so much for stopping to comment :)


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