Thursday, September 16, 2010

Continuing My Liquid Non-Diet

Oh the joys of dental pain! I went in to get a crown on my tooth a couple of weeks ago. The whole process takes a bit because they have to take a mold of your tooth then send it off to be made. So right now, I have a "temporary crown" in place. Which just means they filled the hole with some dental gunk.

It would seem they didn't do a great job of it because now my tooth and jaw are very sensitive to everything. Even if I chew my food on the other side, it still hurts where the temporary is in place. So I've switched to a sort of liquid diet until my crown comes in. It's pretty much anything I can drink through a straw or eat with a spoon. So lovely. I've made sure to add protein drinks so that I'm getting full. But I can't wait to bite into a big, juicy steak!

In more positive news -- tomorrow, I'll be hosting a blog hop! Blog hops are a great way to find new blogs to follow and get new followers.

I'll post the details tomorrow morning. Basically, it will look very similar to the McLinky tool I had up on the day of the Crafty Challenge finale. You will be able to add your blog to the link list so that others can stop by your blog and comment or follow. This is what you will post on your blog tomorrow. The rest of the details will follow!


  1. yay! sounds like fun. the hop, not your diet. that really sucks, dood. :( have you tried mac n cheese? i was able to eat that even after 3 wisdom teeth got yanked. it was way more satisfying than pudding. :P

  2. darn it, it's almost 11 in kiev, i don't know what 10 o'oclock will mean

  3. ooo. blog hop sounds like fun.

    ugh. sorry about the liquid diet. i hate teeth stuff. no fun.


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