Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy September! Goodbye Summer!

Some schools are already in session today. Can you believe summer flew by so quickly this year? I think we had 2 hot days that went above 90 degrees. The rest was a mild, mid-70s. Not that I'm complaining {much}. I like that temp; I'm just used to having more of it!

But I also love the fall. It's the one thing I don't like about this state...too many evergreens; not enough changing leaves. I'd love to be on the east coast during the fall. But I also like the crisper air, the rain puddles, bundling up, wearing scarves and drinking cocoa.

So goodbye summer -- hello autumn! Maybe we'll get an extended version and skip winter. Winter I can definitely do without!

What's your favorite season? Do you have changing seasons where you live?

I remember when I lived in Hawaii, it was what I missed most -- the cooler temps. Their winter meant rain, but not necessarily "cold" temps. It just wasn't as fun. But I did get a kick out of throwing the turkey in the oven and spending the day at the beach on Thanksgiving! haha

Oh and just a quick reminder -- now that it's September, the Crafty Challenge deadline is fast approaching! Are you working on your project? I've decided to forgo the Flickr account and use a Mr. Linky instead.
What that means is, on September 10th, I'll make a blog post calling for all your entries. In that post, I'll include a Mr Linky tool. So you will make your own blog post with photos of your finished project. Then you'll put that link in the Mr Linky tool. It will all make sense later. 

So for now, get going on those projects. Remember, the theme is "A Little Birdy Told Me". Using any medium you choose, create a project with that theme. Take photos of it and get ready to post them on Friday, September 10th!


  1. Oh i can def use more Fall and less winter. our winters are nasty. thanks for the reminder. i gotta get started!!!

  2. uck, i SO MISS my midwest autumns. seriously nothing more beautiful. and apple cider. and punkin pickin'. and haunted hayrides....

  3. i love love love autumn.
    :) even in florida. i just like the crisp air.


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