Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor {day} Pains

Welcome back from the 3-day holiday weekend (u.s.a. folks)! Our weather had some impeccable timing and decided to steal the sun and dump the rain. How pleasant!

My weekend started a little rough since I had the bright idea to book a 9am dentist appointment. What was I thinking?!?  I got the process started for my new crown. This time, it's a full crown, not an onlay. But at least it won't be gold!

Afterwards, since I was already out and about, I decided to hit the Labor Day shopping sales early! I found a hobby store that I fell in love with! It's full of crazy miniatures that I can't wait to show off! And I was quickly reminded of how much I HATE SHOPPING FOR CLOTHES. I despise it! :(

I understand why women get so obsessed with shoes; they're the part of the outfit that isn't going to change whether you gain or lose weight! Sometimes I feel like I'm a caricature of a "pear-shaped" woman. So small on top; too large on bottom. Put me in a dress? Not possible! If anything fits around my hips, it certainly won't fit in the chest..and vice versa. :( So I get frustrated way too quickly when shopping for new clothes.

And that's probably why I was amazed when I found jeans I like -- skinny jeans, no less! -- at Old Navy. I also scored with a few new pairs of boots, two are rain boots for our new season. :) Hooray!

On Sunday, Greg and I strolled the Evergreen State Fair and I took a bunch of new photos for my photo note cards/scrabble pendants. I can't wait to get those ready!  I also finally broke down and did some crafting! I finished my donuts which will become hair pins and rings. And I finally finished my elephant faux-taxidermy brooch :)

I also completed my Crafty Challenge project. Which reminds me, the deadline and call for entries is this Friday! Are you working on yours?!

The long weekend also gave me time to sort through all my clothes/closets. I moved my summer stuff into boxes and pulled out the warm winter clothes. I also went through everything I haven't worn in a while to be donated -- three garbage bags worth! I was holding onto a lot of stuff for when I get back down to my goal weight. But that's silly. So I finally got rid of them. It's kinda sad seeing those size 6 jeans and knowing I just bought some size 12's this weekend! But the positive point is I just moved down from 14...so at least I'm finally going in the right direction! *sigh*

How was your weekend?

P.S. I almost forgot about the mutts! Ui had some weird issue with her eyes on Saturday. She was having a lot of irritation and couldn't stop squinting. We took her to the vet and they gave her antibiotic steroids and sent her home. That seemed to make them worse. She couldn't open them at all after that, poor thing! So my mom took her to the ER vet and they said she was having an allergic reaction to the first medication..no idea why she started squinting in the first place. So they gave her something else and sent her home in a cone! Poor thing felt so ridiculous. But she looked pathetically cute, I couldn't resist a pic. Her eyes seem to be all better now.

Katie - the little monster- got freaked out by my oven, yet again. She's very sensitive to strange noises. She's quite neurotic. So when I'm baking my clay in my apartment, she freaks out. I had just finished cleaning the whole place, even scrubbed my shower...when she freaked out. She came in from digging in the dirt and jumped in my shower! Then when I told her to get out, she stepped all over my bath mat and jumped onto my bed. Of course, I had to clean a second time. Dang dogs! :p


  1. geez louise! and i thought *i* had a productive weekend!!

    i am working my way thru my crafty challenge entry. can't wait to show it to you. :P

    ps - skinny jeans! woot woot!! when we doing 'crafteroke' so i can sees 'em? :D

  2. ooh soon I hope! How far are you willing to go for craft-a-roke? I have a spot now that is north of seattle - mountlake terrace. But i think i'd rather do it more downtown seattle so more people will go.

  3. ooh yay for rain boots! I got rid of all my size 6 jeans to, it was sad but i figured when i get there again i will be so happy and want to shop again; YAY for going back down!!

    I thought about my crafty challange (i hav been busy) all night...even in my sleep and this morning it hit me what i want to do. so i start on it tonight!

  4. Dying for some Hunter boots! Wish it rained in LA a little more.. woo hoo for skinny jeans!
    xo tash


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