Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lightning-Speed Update!

:) Not much time for blabbering on (like I usually do) today, so I'm gonna make this a quick post!

I wanted to share this amazing Etsy shop I found recently when searching for a custom stamp. Roberto Sand aka Bullfrog Laserworks is who I would HIGHLY recommend for your custom stamping needs!

I ordered mine last week and messaged him that I only had a low-res image to go off of. He was able to use it and quickly turnaround my font/placement request then ship it right out! I got it in the mail last night and couldn't find enough things to stamp on!

His stamps are by far cuter than the typical acrylic ones you'll find. And he even adds on a top piece so you can see what the actual stamp looks like! :) I can't wait to order my next one!

I also wanted to give y'all a quick reminder that my Crafty Challenge deadline for entries is tomorrow! If you're finishing up your projects tonight, be sure to take pics (with your phone or whatever!) and get 'em ready to post tomorrow! I'll have a blog post with places for your links using the Mr Linky Tool. All of that will be explained tomorrow.

Have a great rest of your Thursday!

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