Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wanna See My Man's Junk?

Pishaw! Get your mind out of the gutter! I mean "junk" literally, not figuratively! ;)

My man is a general contractor who does a lot of remodels of kitchen and baths. But he also does full home remodels and other random projects. He sees a lot of perfectly fine stuff being tossed in his trailer to take to the dump.

He has kept some salvageable items from the land fill and re-purposed them into picture frames, shelving and mirrors. He has really taken up with the mirrors and makes them in sets of 3. They are small enough for home decor but large enough to be useful. He started selling them at craft shows with me this past spring and has done really well!

So I've been telling him he needs to up the price. For all the work he puts into them, he's not getting much back to make it worth his time. They are all reclaimed wood floor boards and old bathroom mirrors, so besides glue and stain, the materials are free. But it takes a lot of time, cutting, sanding, staining, finishing, not to mention cutting the glass mirrors.

He's been selling these sets of 3 for $25. I think they could go for $35 a set. What do you think? What would you pay for them? Mind you, they're fairly small. The square pieces are about 4x4 inches. And the rectangles are probably 10x4 or 12x4.

What price would be too high?

P.S. I wanted to give big huge thanks to the Etsy Discovery Team. They've been including me in a bunch of their treasuries lately as an "undiscovered" etsy shop and I greatly appreciate it!  Check out some of their picks here!


  1. That's so funny. My boyfriend does a mix of contracting/landscaping and also brings home tons of extras and throwaways. It's exciting always having an inflow of new things!

    I *love* those mirrors. I'd say they could go for $35, easily. They are so lovely!

  2. isn't it great! I always tell him it's a fine line between "recycling" and hoarding, so only take what we can turn into something else and get rid of! haha

    thanks for your input! :)

  3. he is TOTALLY underpricing himself. he could totally ask $50 for all three, and maybe leave himself a 'haggle window' at the craft shows. :P

    ps - i still want my round bark-y frame! :D

    pps - you are on FI-re with these treasuries! congrats!!

  4. He can definatly sell them for more! i love my mirrors i got from him!

  5. I agree with all the girls...He can sell them for more:)...Those are great:)
    Have a wonderful Monday


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