Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pretty New Stamp!

Hooray! I got my new stamp from Roberto Sand at Bullfrog Graphics! Whaddya think? Isn't he sooo cute?!

I still haven't quite settled in at the new job. Still trying to get used to the earlier hours (to bed and awake) and the commute. And I'm really trying to get used to not having internet at work! That really sucks! But I promise to try to keep up with the blog better! :)

One fun thing about the new job is the fact that they are celebrating Halloween with a big costume and decorating contest! I've decided to decorate our department as a CSI Crime Scene, full of chalk outlines and evidence bags. I can't wait to have pics to share!! :)

Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? What is your favorite costume that you've worn in the past? 

I think my favorite was my "Snakes on the Plane" costume. I was the plane complete with a homemade duct tape skirt! haha  I wore it to a concert for my friends' band. Their faces are the "passengers" on my plane. :)

Share your pics if you've got 'em!


  1. Your new stamp is great! I love the fox.
    I can't imagine not having internet at work. I think I might go a little crazy!

  2. the stampy stamp looks uh-mazing!

    hahahhaha that is the best halloween costume of all time! i'm not that clever -- altho one year my mom dressed me up as "summer in michigan 1992 (i think)" and i wore a ski jacket, wool hat, mittens, boots. she's pretty sarcastic, that one.


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