Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Sanity

Today is my day to play catch up. I had planned on having a photoshoot earlier, but of course, it rained this morning. So that got canceled. I've spent most of the day running errands (and visiting the dentist) and now it's nice and sunny. I just wish this weather would make up its mind!!  And I kinda wish we could skip Autumn's rainy weather and go straight to crisp, sunny days!

Something a little more like this...

I love being dry, yet bundled up! :)

I want to go play outside, but I've got to clean my house. Bummer!!  How are you spending your Saturday? And how's the weather over in your neck of the woods?

Today's fave is Crayola Model Magic. It's what's helping me make some creepy Halloween decorations! So easy to use and it air dries in just 24 hours! I'll post some pics once they're ready!


  1. That is such a sweet photo! I also love being all cozy and warm:)
    Happy Monday,sweetie

  2. cute photo!

    i worked a smidge on saturday, after hitting the mall for some new tights. Then home to relax, watch movies and torment kittens. :)

    Did you guys get hit by that crazy storm on Sunday? I'm not sure my lawn has been so watered...ever!

  3. ooh ya that storm was icky! I couldn't sleep with all that wind!


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