Monday, October 4, 2010

Work hard, blog less

I've been away for a bit and haven't even had time to keep up on all the blogs in my reader. Bad girl!!  But work has been pretty crazy busy ...long story; more later. But it means a lot less time for online stuff. boohoo!

So here's a super quick catch-up --

If you haven't already started on your Crafty Challenge project -- there's still time! Remember, you can create your take on the theme using any crafty medium you prefer. Check this post for more details about the latest challenge. The deadline for project entries is Friday, October 15th at 2pm PST! :)

I spent the weekend trying to work on some new crafts. I also took some product photos...still need to find time to upload them to Etsy with new listings! I made a few pumpkins and some ravens for Halloween. The flat ravens will be on bobby pins like the lovebirds I made previously.

Of course, Katie still gets spooked about beeps and ticks from the oven. So she went a little batty when I was cooking. My poor, neurotic pooch! :(

How was your weekend?

P.S. This lovely Monday morning, I had yet another toe surgery. That's right...just in time for Halloween ~ Frankentoe is back! :(

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  1. We are busy too! taking time away from online fun. too bad. sorry about your toe, hope it heals fast and um...where are you guys moving? i know nothing abnout this


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