Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guest Interview with Etsy Arist Katrinshine

Read the interview below to learn more about talented Etsy artist "Katrinshine". 
P.S. I LOVE her shoe rosettes! 

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Fedotova Ekaterina. I'm from north of Russia but now I’m living in Brindisi (South Italy)

2. How long have you been selling your artwork?
About 1 year. After moving in Italy I didn’t find a work and decided to open online shop. . After browsing in Internet I found Etsy. I really liked the look of the site, as well as the opportunities that are available to sellers. The next step will be to make my own site.

3. What made you decide to work in your medium of choice?
From my childhood I like very much all kind of needle and craft work. My mother and grandmom taught me many things. I had sewn dresses for my dolls or something for me and my family. Then I finished Professional high school like sewer. I also finished Art School and for many time I worked like advertising designer in publishing house. But I always sewn. When I had 22 yo I gone to my first historical festival. After this date I began to sew historical costumes.

4. Describe your studio...
I work at home. My studio placed in veranda, there is a lot of light, air and space. I still have a special wardrobe, because I work with fabric and need space to keep it. All furniture in veranda including my table is vintage. It has at least 40 years. My place to work is my big table. But as I’m creative person it’s always in disorder) And I always fight with my husband to keep my table as I want. For me it’s not disorder but MY order. If I have all things on the table like want my husband I lose inspiration. I think all creative persons are like me.

5. What is your favorite color palette?
I like blue tones – for me are colors of sky and freedom. I like red color – color of passion, white because it’s color purity. I painted wall in the kitchen and these are flowers: red poppies, white camomilles and blue campanulas. I like bright colors – colors of life. You can see it in my shop.

6. What is the hardest and your most favorite part of crafting?
Working with fabrics the hardest part is begin to cut) after this you don’t have way of retreat.My favourite part is to create Patchwork bags, because every bag is very particular. Also I like to sew historical dresses because I like participate historical festivals.

7. Anything else you'd like to share?
I love working with custom orders, so if you didn’t find the item in colour what you want you always can order it. I can create any corset you want. All corsets and dresses in my shop I can sew in other colour and in your size.


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