Thursday, November 11, 2010

New projects - acorns!

I'm finally working on the rest of my holiday crafts. I have a show coming up in two weeks so I need to get it done quick! I also haven't put anything really holiday themed up in my Etsy shop yet, so I got to get on that!

So here's my latest. Monochrome birdy brooches. I did a headband/brooch set in shades of green at my last show and people really seemed to like them. So I'm trying other combos, starting with black/grey

I'm also doing small sets of ornaments...first up - acorns! (Also some acorn pins)

Next items to work on...clay ornaments and charms. :)

Are you ready for holiday shopping season?!


  1. adorable acorns! :) oh. i am so not ready for the holiday shopping...sigh. hope you are though! :D

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaah i'm doing a show NEXT weekend, and i feel so unprepared!

    those acorns are AMAZing! fantastic use of that textured felt. seriously. you are a genius. good on you. :) those babies are gonna sell like hot cakes!
    (wait -- can i buy one?)

  3. @ ana I hope I'll be ready by next week! I'm ready for shopping, just not for selling!

    Thanks, Kelli! I was so happy when I figured out how to use the textured stuff!


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