Monday, November 8, 2010

Try something new this year

holiday button 2.2

Take the Handmade {& vintage} Holidays Pledge.  Kelli at { bug miscellany } had challenged her readers to take the pledge to give only handmade and vintage gifts for the holidays this year. I always try to make or buy handmade gifts but this year, I'm going to make sure ALL my gifts are handmade or vintage. There sure are plenty to choose from!

I even made a treasury featuring some great ideas if you get stuck ;)


  1. ooo. what a cute treasury! :D i totally love this pledge & am happily taking it as well.

  2. :) ! <3

    i've already started shopping! :P

    ps - i really miss im'ing with you!

  3. i always say it's the thought that counts - but i don't think people recieving always think that way ..

    PS - i have a GIVE-AWAY going on :o)

  4. @Kelli- me toooooO! IM on my phone just isnt the same :(

    @Erika I've known some people to be snotty about handmade items. I guess some people are just too superficial. Luckily, I have a short list of people to buy for this year and they've all been positive with handmade in the past :)


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