Monday, December 27, 2010

It was an Etsy Christmas!

Christmas morning started off with some great news for me, I made it to Etsy's Front Page -- TWICE! Even more amazing, I made it again on the next morning! So crazy! It was all thanks to winning Team Discovery's treasury challenge and becoming a featured seller in their next buddy challenge. Three of the 30-something treasuries of the buddy challenge made it to the front page. So exciting!

Speaking of treasury teams, did I mention that I've started my own? If you love making treasuries {and being in them} you should join! It's called the Fancy Pants Treasury Team :)

The boypiece and I had a great holiday weekend! We spent Christmas Eve at my house with my mom and niece. We woke up Christmas morning and opened a lot of wonderful presents. Then we visited my step-parent's home for Christmas dinner. Lots of great food and great company, all weekend long :)

I did get many wonderful presents. But I'm most excited about my USB turntable! I can finally convert my childhood albums onto CD or into mp3s! I have several Disney movie albums I've had since 1978! And my most favorite of all, The Pipkins Gimme Dat Ding album. It's my all-time favorite. And it was never released as a CD or cassette so it's been impossible to find an mp3 version of it. And now I'll just get to make my own! Woohoo!

How did you spend your holiday weekend? And did Santa bring you everything on your wish list?!

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  1. oooh yay! congrats on your three front pages over the weekend!!!
    I would really like to hear that once you have finished converting it. sounds familiar but who knows.


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