Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

Is the week over yet? I'm really looking forward to my craft + drink + nom night with the girls, tomorrow. It's a well-needed break from the insanity!

Just have a couple of updates for you, promise to post more soon. I'm working on a new embroidery hoop project. Lovebirds forming a heart. It's really cute...if it doesn't turn out wonky, I'll show ya!

I'm also FINALLY doing a photo 365 project. It's gonna be difficult staying on top of it but I think it'll be a good, creative outlet for me. You can check it out on my photography blog. :)

Some fun news I have is that I finally got my boypiece set up with his own Etsy account! He is now selling his reclaimed wood mirrors in his own shop called GoggyWood :) We're still getting it put together but he has sold a couple items, so he's having fun with it!

How has your 2011 been so far?

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  1. I so need to check out your photo project and the new shop:) Cant wait. Have a great night with the girls and see you soon:)


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