Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh, Bother.


I'm in a funk. Not a funky-funk. A ho-hum, woe-is-me kinda funk. I feel like Eeyore with his big mopey head and sad tail.

My boypiece has been having issues with his slum...er, landlord lately, that have been getting out of control. He has a nasty rat problem and the guy just isn't doing much about it. So while the latest dead rat finishes its stages of decomposition, the boypiece is shacking up with me. It's a bit upsetting to both of our routines. And it adds to his commute, which is already bad enough. So it's not much fun.

Add to that the fact that work has been slow with the refi biz coming to a screeching halt, and it's not been much to be cheery about. Poop sticks!

My GCL routine has also been thrown off a bit with the boypiece around {and no gym membership for him to come join me}. So I'm feeling sluggish and tired and I just want a vacation {which I can't afford...hello, tax time}!

It's only Tuesday but it feels like I've already had a long week! Yikes! I'm gonna try my best to find the positive and focus on it. I'm gonna start tonight by finishing up my latest Valentine's Day crafts. Hopefully, I can get them photographed and listed on Etsy if everything works out.

Then I'm gonna hug my pooch, snuggle up with the boypiece on the couch and watch trashy reality shows to relax the mind. I'll let you know how that goes!

How is your week turning out for you?

P.S. Why is it that when I searched Flickr for Eeyore photos, more than 1/2 came up with nude pics? That's just plain odd!

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  1. When I get some money I want to buy a few Items to help your vacation fund! My Fav. is the Birds nest Bobby Pins and next in line is the Love Bird Headbands. :) Tia *


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