Friday, January 28, 2011

Pardon me, is that POOP?!

This little stinker created a big stink this morning!

I walked out of the shower this morning at the same time Katie entered the room. She jumped up on my bed where the boypiece was lying. He quickly kicked her off and she jumped on my couch.
That's when I noticed the spots on the carpet. And then the spots on the couch cover.
...And then I noticed the poop on the bottom of her foot!

I told the boypiece to stay put as I ushered her outside and locked the doggy door. Then I calmly wrapped up the blankets. And then I told him what happened. I didn't want him to flip out and jump out of bed only to land in more poop!

So my morning was spent scrubbing my floors and doing laundry before work. Such a lovely way to kick off the weekend!


{ How is your Friday treating you? }


  1. Oh yes... we have long-haired cats, so this is at least a monthly occurrence in our house. I just tossed our duvet cover in the laundry because it had suspicious brown smears on it. :( Animals!

  2. Don't you love unexpected things like that! :( I have a pup too, haha, so i totally know. anyway, fun blog!!

  3. oh those lovely critters! I just wish we could teach them to clean up after themselves...and pick up their toys!

  4. Ohh the joys of having a pet! hehe! :D


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