Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Back 4 Good?

It's been a rough week and a 1/2. Katie was in a lot of pain and I didn't know why. I had assumed it was just her spinal arthritis acting up. Although it came on quick and seemed pretty severe, so I wasn't sure that was the only reason.

I went back and forth with the vet trying out different painkillers and trying to figure out what my options were. The last few days showed a pretty bad decline with her whimpering and struggling to get up and move around. It was difficult to watch, for sure. I hated feeling helpless with her looking at me as if I wasn't trying hard enough. And it's not like a dog can tell you what they're feeling. What I do know about her (and most dogs) is that if she was that sluggish and crying, it meant it hurt REALLY bad.

So I took the day off work yesterday and booked her some vet appointments. My mom and I built a makeshift set of stairs using cinder block and a scaffold. It was the only way to get her into the back of the truck without lifting and hurting her more.

The vet had a lot of suggestions. And we really don't know the exact cause of the pain. But since Katie is so old, has a bad liver and arthritis, surgery would probably make matters worse. So taking the course of getting an MRI, only to know whats wrong and not being able to treat it without surgery, didn't seem like a good option. It could be a slipped disc in the neck causing a pinched nerve. It could be a tumor pressing on the spine. It could just be the arthritis in the spine causing her to shift her weight, therefore causing neck tension and pain.

The 2nd vet I visited gave her a Cortisone shot in her neck and two SOD shots in her spine. She was instantly able to lift her head and move her neck...something she hasn't done since last Saturday. It may not be a good thing. Just cuz she doesn't feel the pain, doesn't mean she isn't making it worse by moving it around again.

We don't know. So we're trying a few things out. For now, she's on a new pain pill that helps with seizures and nerve pain. I'm trying to restrict her activity, not that she feels like doing much anyway! And we're hoping with some rest and drugs, the inflammation will go down and the disc will release some of it's pressure.

Who knows if it will work. But I gotta try. I love my baby girl. And I know that 11 1/2 is old for a dog. But I think she's got at least a few more years left. And since she was still acting like a puppy less than two weeks ago, I'm hoping she'll just bounce back soon.

*crossing my fingers*

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  1. Aww..sweetie. Im so sorry! Hope she will feel better soon:) Keeping my fingers crossed


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