Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Behind the Scenes

I thought it might be fun to share a little behind the scenes of my "photo studio" for my latest listings. 

First, here is the "after" pic for my latest listings with my Scrabble tile pendants:

And here is my setup:

2 lamps with daylight bulbs
1 piece of "pearl" poster board
my camera
a magnet
my craft desk

My camera is a Canon Rebel XTi (very basic digital SLR)

My lens is the kit lens, a Canon 18-55mm
I've added a cheap macro filter with 10x zoom

For the Scrabble pendant shoot, I attached a ball chain and used  a magnet to let it hang free from the light. Shooting the pendant further away from the background gave it a gray tint instead of being bright white.

{ Whaddya think? What is your photo setup like? }

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  1. Great behind the scenes! Always cool to see how another etsian takes photos! ;)


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