Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh did I mention...

My latest Etsy venture?

It's called "Sh*t I Scribbled". It's my original Sharpie pen artwork on Post-It notes. And it's a total joke built out of frustration. But I'm having fun with it :)

I did it to poke fun at the fact that some of the craziest, obviously bad stuff sells better than my cutesy crap. So I decided to do an experiment and not try so hard to have a successful shop. My theory is that within one month, my little shop o'crap will have more sales than my little shop o'cute has in two years!

Which shop will be victorious?!?


  1. Haha! Love it!
    That's part of the reason I opened up a second shop -

  2. thats awesome. i just hearted one.

  3. major awesome. I love your shop btw.

  4. haha thanks everyone :) I was cracking up pretty hard when I set up the shop. Like "wtf am I doing?!"

    @Sandy...your 2nd shop is so cute!!!

  5. Oh my gosh! Have you posted this in the Etc. team? They would love it!

  6. Ooh no I haven't. I need to get on that team! Thanks :)


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