Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Aftermath

Where did my craft space go? Do you see it? 

I turned my back for one second and "POOF!" my garage is full of the boypiece's things!

We had to move him out of his rat-infested hellhole of a rental house this weekend. It was a long saga that looked like it would never end. Finally, after some strongly-worded emails and a letter from his lawyer, he broke his lease.

Now he's homeless and looking, and to save him more anguish (and money), we've let him stash his crap in our garage while he stays with me.

Let me just make it clear... we had no near-future plans to move in together; we're just not that kinda couple. We love our space.

We love our separate lives.

We love our "weekends only" relationship.
But fate had other plans for us.
Thanks a lot, fate.

Really though, how can you turn away this face?

Ui, however, is ecstatic with the new arrangement. For realsies!

How was your weekend? Hope it was better than mine! 


  1. oh man. what a weekend! sigh. i kind of love your relationship too ;D

  2. haha yeah it works pretty good, when it's working!! :)


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