Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fun @ The Hospital

Yesterday, I took the day off to be with the boypiece as he went in for surgery on his broken hand. On Friday, when we went to one hospital, they told us we needed to go to downtown Seattle on Monday. They said that office would call us between 8-9am to schedule the surgery for 1-2pm. No big deal, right?

Well I'm so glad I decided to take the entire day off, because it turned out to be quite the ordeal. The hospital called us at 730am and woke us up! They told us to be there AT 9am for a surgery that would take place at 2pm. Luckily, he hadn't eaten or drank anything after midnight.

We arrived at 830a and I was able to stay with him the entire time until they took him off to surgery. Two hours later, he was recovering and finally able to eat...they gave him a blueberry muffin!

We were out of there around 630pm...ten hours of waiting around. The worst part for me was probably filling out the "Living Will" paperwork. That's always depressing to think about!

So we made light of the situation as best we could...and took lots of fun pics in the pre-op area. hehe I'm sure the nurses thought we were a little nutty.

The boypiece is now home and recovering. They put three pins in his hand (deciding against the plate) and he should be back to work, fully, in 6 weeks. Fingers crossed!

How was your weekend?

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  1. that took a long time but great pictures!

  2. Hope he gets back to working order very soon! I am sure he was very happy that you were with him during all of that :D

  3. I hope he's feeling better and can get back to work, soon! Also, he's totally cute!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Also @ Amanda...I definitely agree! He's not hard on the eyes ;)


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