Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting My Arse Kicked!


So I signed up with a trainer at our gym. Poor, G now has to wait before he can do his training, since he broke his hand! I had my first real session with the trainer last night. It felt pretty amazing. I like that he's not making me too sore to walk, but just enough to really feel it.

I'll be honest, I've gained 30 pounds since I first started dating the boypiece. So that's about 7 pounds gained per year. It may not sound like much, but it looks a lot different. And the fact that I keep moving up pant sizes is a big fat bummer!

I'm not gonna worry about pounds and weight, just my body fat and inches. By the way, according to science, I'm obese! Isn't that lovely? So yeah, it's time to do something about it. And I figure if I can get better muscle tone and flexibility, I can kick ass at tennis this summer. :)

Now I just need to get better control of my poor eating habits. I'm such a junk food/sweets junkie. It's pretty bad.

If you have any healthy recipes or fun workout routines, feel free to share them, below!

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  1. Good for you, sweetie! I so should get a trainer too..Its a great motivation, isnt it? Have a lovely day

    Ps: I’m hosting an amazing GIVEAWAY today! You can win 2 adorable tea towels and a mug!

  2. It definitely makes a huge difference having the extra support! Plus just knowing the routine is perfectly tailored to my fitness goals, it's great!

    I'm off to check out your giveaway!

  3. That is very good you got a trainer. I got one over the summer and he really helped me understand the correct way of working out. I completely understand the weight gain. Ever since I've dating my boyfriend I've gained 20lbs! It's really hard getting motivated to lose it since he's not complaining.

  4. ya it's pretty bad cuz the boy is naturally thin and has high metabolism. So he can eat ANYTHING and never gain a pound. I remember the summer we ate a LOT of funnel cake. We had found a good recipe and went a little crazy.

    I'm talking deep fried bread with jam, ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, whatever we had on hand! And of course I matched him in appetite. So it's really no surprise I can't squeeze into a size 7 anymore! lol

  5. If you're looking for good food ideas, go to youtube and check out Rocky Barragan. Shes a major inspiration and has awesome recipe alternatives!! I especially love her General Tso's Chicken using spaghetti squash... mmm :0) As for working out, I cant help you there I'm terrible at it lol

  6. thank you for that! I'll definitely check it out because I suck at finding good recipes :)

  7. i love that towel! :D i too gained weight when i started my relationship with the's comfort weight...happy weight. but it sucks. it's great that you are going to a trainer!

    my best advice is to plan your sweet-treat. i tell myself, "self, you are going to have ice cream (low-fat fro-yo) today after dinner". knowing that i am going to have a bit of indulgence at the end of the day helps me curb any sweet-snacking the rest of the day. i also try to wean off of carbs at night...i go heavy carbs in the morning, a bit for lunch, and almost none for dinner. :)

    oop. that was long. :D

  8. haha not too long at all! I think that's a great idea about the treat. I had tried the "body for life" plan years ago and it worked very well for me. Part of the plan was portion control with one free day, any day of the week, to eat any thing i wanted. I started off saying saturdays were my cheeseburger days. but after eating well all week, I didn't want greasy fried foods :)

    so now it's dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds ;)


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