Monday, March 21, 2011

Hello, Monday!

I had a fabulous weekend! It was full of relaxing, fun and getting things done!

Saturday, I spent the day organizing and editing photos. I went thru ALL MY CRAFT STUFF {whoa! There was a lot!} and de-stashed for our upcoming garage sale. Basically, I got rid of everything I hadn't touched in over a year. A lot of it was supplies for crafts I no longer do, like glass tile pendants, round glass magnets, etc...

Sunday, the boypiece and I woke up and went straight to the gym! We played in the pool for about 40 minutes and finished it up with some relaxing hot tub time!

Then we headed back to my house, ate breakfast, packed lunch, grabbed my camera and jumped in the car. We decided to head north to see what we would find. We ended up pulling off in Whatcom county when we saw the sign for Lake Samish. Neither one of us had been there before, and since we were looking to go somewhere new, we decided to stop.

It. Was. Perfect.

The first day of Spring was gorgeous! The temp was about 52, sunny, no breeze and clear skies! At the lake park, there was a trail leading up into the trees. So we got out and hiked up. It lead us along a waterfall, thru a mossy forest and towering trees. It was beautiful! The mossy-goodness and complete lack of mosquitos was so refreshing! We walked all the way up to the top and back down again. We stopped a few times along the way. We sat on a giant boulder that looked down over the lakeside. We dangled our legs over the bridge and gazed at the waterfall, listening to the sounds of the bubbling stream.


And then when I got home, I finally checked my mail (it's been a week!) and got a wonderful surprise! I received a huge box from Oh, Lauren which I was shocked to see. I had won a contest for a postcard stamp, ink pad and a few postcard items. When I opened the package, it was overflowing with wonderful gifts! She threw in a ton of scrapbooking items, stamps, paper, postcards, a vase...etc, etc, etc! It was fabulous! Thank you so much, Lauren!!!

Check out my prizes!!

How was your weekend?!


  1. I like reading your blog, but I hate when you use the word "boypiece". What the hell does that even mean? Makes me think he's a piece of meat, or an accessory.

  2. The photos in your post make me want to ditch my cube and go hiking.

  3. aww well sorry if I offend, it's just a term of endearment :)

    we wanted to stay away from ever calling each other boyfriend/girlfriend. So we made up a different way of saying it. I gave him several choices and that's what he chose to be called.

    go figure. but we do like that nobody else seems to use it. he hates "sweetie, honey, babe, dear, etc." and he doesn't like it when I call him by his name cuz he thinks he's in trouble

    I should add that he calls me his girlpiece, so it's incredibly fair and balanced =P

  4. Sounds like such a perfect weekend! I love the photos.

  5. what a great way to spend a weekend! :D i'm loving all the photos!

  6. the photos look great and like you had a ton of fun!

  7. whoa! that's awesome. Lauren's so sweet.

    gorgeous spot you've found. daaaang whatcom county?! pretty sure i've never set foot that far north. :P


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