Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Help from my Peeps - for my Peeps!

My friend recently pointed out that our local newspaper is having one of those very famous Peep Diorama contests this year. And the deadline is fast approaching! As you know from my recent photo additions, I do like me some peep photos! I already missed out on the chance to enter the Washington Post's contest (probably the biggest one)! So I really want to take advantage of this local one.

But I need your help! I want to find something recently relevant, yet not something everyone else is going to do. I have some ideas, but since they only allow one submission per person, I need help narrowing it down.

So here are my possible Peep scenarios, so far:
- Justin Bieber
- The Black Swan
- Lady Gaga
- Angry Birds (the game)
- The Office
- Real Housewives (not sure which city)
- Charlie Sheen (but I think I've done enough with him)
- Avatar (even though I didn't like the movie)
- The Bachelor
- Inception (this one is my fave idea so far)
- Jersey Shore

Let me know if you like any of those or if you have any ideas of your own to share. I have a feeling a lot of people will do the Black Swan. Here is a link to past winners and entries to get an idea of how crazy it gets!


  1. i think Inception is a great idea, but i'm dying laughing thinking about a Black Swan themed diorama...hehhehhe

  2. Out of those choices I would say definitely inception!! otherwise i would throw in the suggestion of The Breakfast Club :) I think that'd be awesome... cant wait to see what you come up with either way!

  3. ooh the breakfast club! great idea!

    well I do have peep prints in my foto shop, so I'll want to add more anyway. so if i don't make it for the contest, I could still do it for prints or postcards!

  4. If you can do a Lady Gaga with peeps... that would be AWESOME. :D Just... I'm hoping there's no raw meat involved...

  5. Im loving the Inception and Black Swan theme!!! So cool:) Have a fantastic day, sweetie

    Ps: I’m hosting a cool Loop GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in:)

  6. I like the Inception theme too. You could do some crazy stuff!

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Depending on time, I'll probably do a few of my fave ideas then just have you guys vote on which one to submit! :)

  8. I'm thinking inception....that would be fun!

    oh and by the way - I'm giving you the "Stylish Blogger" Award :D

    go here to find out more!

  9. I think Black Swan would be killer with peeps! That or Lady many different themes to go with! And I love the link to previous winners, so creative!

  10. This sounds like such a juicy project! I agree, Inception should be super fun to make.

    (Thank you for coming by the other day! Your blog is beautiful. Off to explore it!)


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