Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Mix

Here's a mix of random bits..just playing catch up from the weekend.

1. I finally got the printed mini-books featuring Ui quoting Charlie Sheen in his crazy rants. I've listed them in my FoxFineFoto shop with 50% of the proceeds going to the American Red Cross Japan Tsunami relief. You can find them, here:

2. I have gotten back to my GCL plans and updated my LittleGrayFox shop with my faux taxidermy heads. Unfortunately, the pink unicorn didn't make it. I acidentally sat on him and squashed his head. *tear*

3. I FINALLY CLEANED MY PLACE! It was a mess! blech!

4. I gorged myself on crab at the Relay For Life Crab Feast/Fundraiser. It was delicious. I'm pretty sure I gained 10 pounds on Saturday night!

The rest of the time, I was lazy. But I did end up getting a lot accomplished over the weekend. So I'm allowed a little down time ;)

How was your weekend?


  1. viva la crab feed!

    that book is soo cute in person! you hear that everyone - it's hilarious, excellently made and would make a superb gift for any sheen fans out there.


  2. Oh my. I didn't think your shop could get any cuter, but then you add adorable little animals heads!

  3. how adorable are those books! & yay for getting all those things done.

  4. lol@Kelli thanks!

    someone asked me if I could turn it into an ebook and I have no idea how to do that!


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