Thursday, March 31, 2011

My 2nd Etsy Shop

Just a quick reminder that I opened up my 2nd Etsy shop, recently. I decided to separate my photography from my Little Gray Fox shop, in hopes of making it more cohesive. I haven't quite decided if I will be separating the "online personality" of the shop completely. Frankly, I'm not sure I can handle yet another blog + Twitter + Facebook account!!  So for now, the updates for my FoxFineFoto shop will be included on this blog.

The shop currently has a few metallic 8x10 prints, some matte 8x10 and 5x7 prints, the Ui/Charlie Sheen books and some iPhoneography prints :) I'm also moving my postcards and scrabble tile jewelry over from my other shop. I hope to add back in the glass tile pendants and other photo-related items that I sell at craft shows.

But that's a lot of work and I have a gimpy man at home. So it may take a bit more time ;) Stay tuned!

Do you have more than one Etsy shop? If so, how do you keep up with everything?
Do you separate every part, even social media accounts?


  1. thank you! small world, I just posted your peacock clock on tumblr the other day! I love your work!

  2. i love your colors! so lovely. :)

  3. your pictures are beautiful!! I cant imagine keeping up with two shops but in time i hope to do so... once i learn how to keep up with one lol

  4. love the colors! cute shop!!

  5. thank you! We'll have to wait and see how well I can keep


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